Adult lessons

ladies onlyOne fifth of adults in Britain can’t swim. We want to change this and so Brooks Swim School runs ladies only swimming lessons for ladies who want to become swimmers (or safe in the water)!

What: Ladies only swimming lessons for  complete beginners up to improvers

When: Fridays 7-8pm

Where: Denbigh High School, Luton

Cost: Six 1 hour lessons is £57 (The option to pay in 2 instalments is available).

What happens in a lesson? Lessons are a mixture of stroke work and skills. Stroke work includes front paddle, progressing to front crawl with breathing, as well as back and breaststroke. We use aids including woggles and floats to help you isolate parts of the stroke and improve them before trying the stroke again. Skills are equally important when learning to swim as they help you to stay safe in the water as well as improve your strokes. Skills include floating, gliding, treading water, jumping and diving, personal survival in deep water and surface diving. These skills help to improve your confidence in the water which enables you to develop your strokes and become a swimmer who is safe in deep water.

Who joins? Learners range from ladies who have never swum or been in a pool before to ladies who can swim a bit but lack confidence going out of their depth or want to improve their technique to make swimming more enjoyable. We offer a supportive environment for you to learn in but we do try and push you as well as we often find we have more confidence in your abilities than you do!

Spring Block 2: 16th February – 23rd March. 6 weeks.

More info: Swim England has some useful advice and tips for adult swimmers just starting out. Have a look at the link below.