Swim Squad

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We run a Swim Squad on Tuesday evenings between 7-8 at Denbigh pool.

This session is designed for competent swimmers- stage 4 and up and is designed to compliment weekly lessons with the aim of teaching new and exciting skills (e.g.  personal survival and lifesaving skills, diving and tumble turns) in a more relaxed and fun session. During Swim Squad we swim lengths with 3 lanes of differing abilities and this coupled with the session being an hour will improve your child’s fitness, technique and stamina. Although we will not be assessing children on the Learn to Swim stages in this session it is an opportunity for children to practise and apply skills learnt in their weekly lessons. We work towards Personal Survival and Rookie awards throughout the term.

Membership on the squad is confirmed by a £12 deposit (for the term). An additional charge of £5 on the night is payable for each week you want to swim-designed so you can swim as much or as little as you want without paying a large deposit.

If you are interested in joining the Swim Squad but are not a part of our weekly lessons this is possible so please get in touch.